The Face Mask Bundle
The Face Mask Bundle
The Face Mask Bundle
The Face Mask Bundle
The Face Mask Bundle
The Face Mask Bundle
The Face Mask Bundle

The Face Mask Bundle

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  • Spray Cavere Naturally Derived Face Mask Cleanser in-between wearing occasions to cleanse, freshen, and deodorize your face mask.
  • Derived from 100% natural plant based ingredients.
  • Free from Parabens, Phthalates, Petroleum, SLS, Sulfates, & Silicone.
  • Includes 70% v/v ethyl alcohol (corn derived), the active ingredient in numerous hand sanitizers.
  • Made with a light & fresh odor eliminating scent that will leave your mask smelling clean, without the heavy artificial fragrance in other products.
  • 3.3oz is a TSA approved size, allowing you to carry it through security at the airport.


The Face Mask Bundle includes:
(1) Cavere Naturally Derived Face Mask Cleanser - 6oz
(2) Cavere Naturally Derived Face Mask Cleansers - 3.3oz

A $50 value for $39.99!

Why Choose Cavare?

"This works really well in eliminating odors without a heavy perfume like smell. This is a nice mild, clean scent. It comes in a decent large size bottle. I use it everywhere around the house. Definitely recommend." - Alice

Good for You, Your Family, & the Planet

Freshness Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Naturally Eliminates Odors & Bacteria

Developed in a Cruelty-Free Environment, 

Plant Based Natural Ingredients

Made in the USA with Globally Sourced Components

How It Works

Cavere Natural Odor Eliminators utilize lemongrass oil (a known disinfectant) as the active ingredient in order to kill odor-causing bacteria. So rather than covering odors with fragrances that don’t attack the root of the problem, or using synthetic chemicals that can harm your family, you can use Cavere to work safely and effectively. And it gets even better! The Cavere formula uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that encapsulate the lemongrass oil to provide a time-release effect that kills odors and bacteria long after you spray it. 

Our Natural Ingredients

Ethyl alcohol

Peppermint oil


Our Story

The initial product launch for Cavere was a naturally derived face mask cleanser that pioneered a brand-new category made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic. Once a passionate consumer base was established, Chris Winston (Founder and CEO) expanded the products to include a line of all natural home based odor eliminators containing powerful plant-derived disinfectants to eliminate odors without harsh chemicals.

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